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Free Credit Score Without a Credit CardFree credit score without a credit card

Credit Sesame offers a completely free credit score without having to give any credit card information.  I use this service and highly recommend it to you for finding your score.  Read my full Credit Sesame review here or go get your free score from them now.

Free Credit Scores vs Credit Reports

While you are legally eligible to receive one free credit report each year from the big three credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (the “big 3”) – using, you are not eligible for a free credit score. Further, when you get your free report from each of the 3 companies mentioned above, they will charge you to gain access to your credit score. Don’t fall for that… there are better ways to get your credit score.

Free Credit Scores and a 3-in-1 report at no cost

Free Credit Scores

I recently discovered you can get your 3 credit scores and a 3-in-1 credit information – at no cost – from all 3 credit reporting agencies using

Detailed benefits of GoFreeCredit are:

  • Your 3 Credit Scores from the “big 3” at no cost
  •  A 3-in-1 Credit Information that includes your “big 3″ reports at no cost
  • 14-day free trial of credit monitoring

Over 1.3 million satisfied consumers have received their credit scores from GoFreeCredit, and many of the other credit score and credit monitoring companies in the industry are no longer offering a free trial… so this is a really cool opportunity to get all the info from one place, for free.

Why get your credit score?

A poor credit score can negatively affect you in the following ways

  • Debt consolidation loan – The interest rate on your loan could be very high, or you may not be eligible to consolidate at all.
  • Insurance premiums – Insurance companies may use both your insurance score and credit score when calculating your premium amount.
  • Employment – Many employers (around 60% nationwide) are now pulling your credit score when you apply for a position with them.

Gaining access to your score will allow you to be confident if you’re facing any of the above situations, and will help you set about improving your score if it is low.

Get your free credit scores and 3-in1 credit report now using GoFreeCredit.

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Other ways to get a free credit score

You will also be able to obtain your credit score each time you apply for a loan or line of credit. If you apply for a mortgage, a debt consolidation loan, or an auto loan you will have access to both your credit score and credit report. Many times you will only receive one of the “big 3” reports and/or scores, namely the one that your finance company pulls when considering your credit.

My credit score recommendation

My first recommendation is always Credit Sesame, they offer a continually free credit score without a credit card, but do not offer credit reports.