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So… one chapter in my life has come to a close and another is about to begin.  As of yesterday, May 7th, my days as the IT Manager at WDA are over, and my days as a Technical Consultant (and future Technical Sales Rep) for ASK are set to begin on May 17th.  What will I do during the 10 day interim?  Good question.

I will start by celebrating Mother’s Day with all four of my mom’s.  That’s right, both my and my wife’s parents are divorced and remarried – so we have been blessed with double parents.  🙂

Next I will start my garden.  We have a lot of weeding and clean up to do and I need to replace one of our rain barrels that froze and broke over the winter – yeah, I know… I should’ve disconnected them last Autumn – live and learn.  I need to install one more garden box, and I’m excited to use the vermicompost from my worm farm to fertilize this Spring.

Another thing I have to do is aerate my lawn.  If you have never bought a new home that needed a lawn installed… I do not recommend it.  Do whatever you can to avoid having to put one in yourself, it is much more work and trouble than you might first suppose.  That said, it is nice to look at it and know that we were the ones who installed it.  After aerating I’ll toss down a bit more seed and wait for the May showers to do their work.

Oh, and I almost forgot… I will also be putting our home up for sale FSBO style and greatly downsizing my wardrobe – stay tuned for detailed posts forthcoming.

There are some other things I will do too, one of them will be to relax, enjoy my time off, and get caught up on writing articles for Debt Free Adventure!  And now… on to this week’s link rally.

Link rally for this week

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1 MyFinancialObjectives

Wow sounds like things are going great for you. I’m interested in the wardrobe downsize, looking forward to the post! Also congrats on the new position, consulting is an excellent venture I’ve heard. Someday I wish to do the same with a buddy!

2 Jeff

Enjoy your time off. Too bad the weather is going to suck this week. Good luck in the new job.

3 Jenna

Congrats on the new job! Never heard of a downsizing a wardrobe before…maybe cleaning out a closet. Will be interested to hear what sparked this.

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