Current Giveaways on DFA – January 2010


Today I wanted to bring to your attention all of the current giveaways going on here at Debt Free Adventure.

Make sure you check out each giveaway and enter to win accordingly.  Don’t worry, they’re pretty darn easy to enter. 🙂

$100 Cash Holiday Debt Help Giveaway

Details: I have partnered up with the incomparable Steve Rhode of to give away $100 to one random winner.

How to win: To be eligible to win simply leave a comment on my Holiday Debt Help post along with a comment on Steve’s Holiday Debt Help post by January 15th.  The winner will be selected randomly using and will be announced on January 16th and paid via PayPal the self-same day.

Your Money Ratios Book Giveaway

Details: In case you missed it, last week I had the pleasure of reviewing the solid new personal finance book ‘Your Money Ratios – 8 Simple Tools For Financial Security’.  I truly enjoyed the book and am excited to be giving an additional copy away to a DFA reader.

How to win: Simply visit my Your Money Ratios Review post and leave a comment.  That’s it… it’s that simple.  The book is currently selling on Amazon for $17 so if you have the cash and don’t feel like waiting, I highly recommend picking up a copy for your personal library.

$50 Cash on Money Crashers New Year Giveaway Bash

Details: The 2010 Money Crashers New Year Giveaway is worth $7,900 at the time this post is being written, although the amount is growing every day.  I am giving away $50 to one winner there, but there are also an additional $7,850 worth of prizes to win so make sure you go visit and enter to win!

How to win: Rather than me trying to explain their giveaway here… just go to the source to learn how the contest works.

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