H&R Block At Home – Valentine’s Day Discount

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Spreading discount love…

When I catch wind of a good deal on something useful – I love to pass it on!

Since it is tax season and many of us like to do our own taxes I figured I should pass this discount love on to you.

H&R Block At Home Discount

H&R Block contacted me today to offer a discount to readers who purchase H&R Block At Home tax preparation products through Debt Free Adventure.  Savings will be as high as 7o%, which is super cool.

I cannot vouch for H&R Block software, since I have never used it, but figured I should present the opportunity so you can take advantage if you want.  If you’re wondering what tax prep software I use then check out my TurboTax Online Review.

Here are the details of the H&R Block Valentine’s Day special:

  • Offer is valid February 12-14 of 2010 only
  • Purchase must be made through the links here on Debt Free Adventure

Use this banner link to receive the discount

Have any DFA readers used H&R Block?

If anyone has used H&R Block At Home software please share your experience with the rest of us – both positive and negative.

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1 Financial Samurai

Thanks for highlighting. I enjoy Tax Cut software. Easy to use.

2 Matt Jabs

H&R Block At Home IS TaxCut… they bought the product & changed the name.

Thanks for bringing that up Sam. Glad to hear you enjoyed the software.

3 Jeff Voegtlin

I have used HR Block (TaxCut) for the last two years (they sent deluxe to me free). I used Turbo Tax for many years before that. The programs seem essentially identical. I’ve always done my own taxes and have not been intimidated by that, so the extra helps in each program are not a selling point to me. Just the convenience of answering the interview questions and being done with them.

TaxCut (HR Block) seems to be trying to get a bigger share of the business, so they are offering great sales.

4 Matt Jabs

Thanks for the input Jeff. H&R Block is definitely trying to grab some of the online filing market share… and why not, it’s an excellent option for people like you & I. 🙂

5 Joe

My wife used Turbo tax and return was rejected SEVERAL times. Waited forever to speak with rep who just had her basically restart her computer… So thanks for this. I will pass it on to my frustrated wife.

6 Josh

I have used HR Block (TaxCut) for the last three years and found it very straightforward and user friendly. The interview questions help guide you through the different credits and deductions and check if you are eligible. There is also free support service and common questions link if needed. I would recommend the program.

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