One World Currency – New World Order

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Global currency videos

A one world [global]currency?

Many people, including the president of Russia, have an interest in debasing the U.S. dollar as a currency and eliminating it as a global standard currency.  This is not a Democratic idea, a Republican idea, or even an American idea but an international idea.

It would be wise for you to educate yourself concerning the interest in and implementation of a one world currency.  This is not the rambling of a conspiracy theorist, as many would have you to believe, but simply a cry for awareness to my fellow man, specifically my fellow Americans.

I do not wish to delve into apologetics concerning the gross errors and corruption in monetary policy of my government.  Rather I wish to point out a few necessary and powerful critiques of a centralized one world currency.  I am also looking to raise awareness in my readership, because I care and want you to be informed.

CNN Money sees the writing on the wall.

The Washing Times sees the writing on the wall:

“Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Austan Goolsbee, member of the Council of Economic Advisers, have refused to rule out a global currency. Such views by top policymakers cause the dollar to drop. Even worse, this shows that the Obama administration supports dramatically greater centralization on a national and international scale.”

Here are a few of the reasons a one world currency is abhorrent:

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

  1. Lack of competition – No currency is void of the possibility of becoming debased.  Competition between differing national currencies the globe over is healthy.  It allows citizens and businesses to choose opposing currencies if they do not agree with the direction of their government’s monetary policy.  If there is a one world currency, there is no more room for debate, choice, or alternatives.  It empowers government and removes power from people, which brings us to our next point.
  2. Centralized Power – Consider again the unification of world banks all having common interest in one currency and one currency alone.  Of a certainty in this world, money is power.  If the richest and most powerful people on earth share a common goal for their money, where will that ultimate power lead the nations of this world?

Here is one reason why none of this scares the spiritual man within me:

  1. Biblical Prophesy – The bible predicts the adoption of a one world currency and aligns its adoption with periods of incredible famine, disease, brutality, and enslavement.  The concept of a one world government — and with it a one world economy — is prophesied in both Daniel and Revelations, there is nothing new under the sun.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”  – John “Lord” Acton

Global currency? So what’s the answer?

Thomas Jefferson knew that the power of government, if left unabated, would always follow its natural course of corruption and power grasping.

“God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.  The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.  And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”  – Thomas Jefferson in reference to the 1st American Revolution

The ultimate answer lies with faith in the God of the bible, faith in the truth of His Word, and faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus of Nazareth – indeed the Christ.  The answer lies in loving God, submitting ourselves to Him and thus enabling ourselves to love our fellow man as ourselves.

Earthly action and answers lie in the people empowering themselves with knowledge and courage.  Begging God for increased spiritual faith and courage.  The complacency, apathy, moral decay, and increased social dependence on government of our day are frighteningly reminiscent of so many other societies throughout world history.

Here are the typical stages of society as history teaches:

  1. From bondage to spiritual faith
  2. From spiritual faith to great courage
  3. From great courage to liberty
  4. From liberty to abundance
  5. From abundance to selfishness
  6. From selfishness to complacency
  7. From complacency to apathy
  8. From apathy to moral decay
  9. From moral decay to dependence
  10. From dependence to bondage

Where do you see our nation?

I see our nation as having just surpassed the crest of number five and heading downward into steps 6 – 10.  I believe we are currently immersed in step 6, 7, 8, and 9.  I believe only a return to spiritual faith, morality, and charity can reverse the current course we are on.

Global currency videos

Buy silver to hedge dollar collapse

  • Buying silver may be the best thing the average investor can do right now.  Given the global financial situation experts advise against waiting for a price dip, they’re saying,”just buy physical silver, it could explode at any time.”  My opinion is to buy only physical silver like $1,000 bags of 90% coins (or $100 bags if you cannot afford larger,) and not ETF’s (SLV.)

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1 ctreit

The way I have read the news is a little different. Russia (China and others) are not looking for one world currency. These countries have enormous dollar holdings since the US Dollar has been the reserve currency of choice. (Much of international trade is billed in US$. Think about oil for one.) This choice is coming to an end. These countries do not want to hold so many US Dollars anymore, since they fear that the US Dollar is a declining asset. They are looking for a different reserve currency now so that they can get rid of the US$. The proposal to have a new reserve currency similar to existing Special Drawing Rights of the IMF (consisting of a basket of currencies) are catching traction. (

But all this has nothing to do with establishing one new world currency. It is only an indication that the US has lost its dominance in the world over the last few years – unfortunately not only in economic terms.


@ ctreit
I’m glad you brought this up. Just to reiterate:
This isn’t a global conspiracy by the Illuminati to turn America into a despotism; its the global financial system that has been put in place since Bretton-Woods, which is how countries trade with each other.

@ Matt
You mention lack of competition. Is our current system lacking competition? No, there are plenty of competing currencies. However, there is a reserve currency: The USD. This push for a world currency is a push to change the reserve currency. This would not get rid of the euro, the us dollar, the yuan, or anything like that.

3 Benjamin

Just the tought of a single currency shared with Russia, China, and the rest of the World sends shivers down my spine!

4 Affacturage

I learned a lot about economics through this blog. A well-written reminder to all about the impending issues that we are all going to have to deal with (or are already dealing with) in this country in the years to come.

5 Lakita

Great post Matt! I never saw the stages of history broken down like that, but it is certainly true.

If my people who are called by my name and humble themselves and PRAY, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land! (2 Chr 7:14)

6 Matt Jabs

Thanks for that verse Lakita! I absolutely love that portion of scripture and I think of it often when I consider our nation.

7 Mark Herpel


This is a great post and your POV is similar to mine. There is one exception possibly to this rule, that is currencies made of gold and or backed by gold. Paper money is on the way out and people want sound money and value, real money. To have multiple currencies or free market money using precious metals and digital gold currency is possible without one global currency.

With today’s digital currencies, it is possible to have 100 different “Brands” of private currency, but all made out of or backed by gold. In fact this is already in use today, I can name two dozen private digital currencies. They have different names and are issued from different jurisdictions (private people in different countries) but they are all backed by gold, so one gram of “Matt’s American Gold” is always equal to one gram of “Dimitri’s Moscow Gold” or “Ahmed’s Oman Gold”. So I’m not sure if that falls into the category of one world currency or not, I don’t believe it fits. In the 1800’s across America there were multiple gold currencies, privately minted gold coin. These were the same purity and weight just different mint marks. Today’s digital gold is really no different.

While I agree with you, one world currency is bad, crazy and would create many more problems than solutions…..I do think that global & local trade could function as private issued gold in many different ‘Brand Names’.

Mark Herpel

8 CJ Perry

I’m not so sure that the Biblical Prophesy sort of thing is necessarily a bad thing. The closer we are to the end times, the closer we are to Christ reigning on Earth. That being said, it does put a lot of other things into perspective.

That being said, I completely agree with all of your other points. I think America is quickly going down the tubes and will be replaced as a world power by someone like China or possibly more of a single international world government.

9 Matt Jabs

Excellent point, and I’m glad you pointed that out to me. That was a 4am editing mistake that has since been remedied. 🙂

10 Bible Money Matters

There are a lot of things happening right now that really cause me to pause and wonder where we’re headed. It almost seems to me like the Obama administration is trying to pass as much stuff as fast as they can so that people don’t have a chance to actually examine the things that they’re doing. Flood them with information and cause them to just sit back as program after program is passed, our liberties are taken away, and our country goes deeper into trillions of debt – from which we may not be able to recover. Very scary times indeed.

11 Matt Jabs

Definitely seems like that to me as well. They act outside of the boundaries of our established due process, and that can rarely be a positive thing. Scary for my flesh, exciting for my spirit!

12 Brian

This is a timely post Matt. Interestingly enough you are the second person in as many days i will recommend to go check out Zeitgeist: Addendum. Some of the movie may seem a bit… well… out there. But there is some interesting stuff about the financial world, where we may be headed and some of the things you touched on.

Great read Matt.

13 Matt Jabs

I just “saved” the movie in my Netflix. Looks like it hasn’t been released to DVD yet, or Netflix doesn’t have it yet… go figure right!!

14 Brian

Of course. But actually, they do offer it online to download for free from their site. Or you can watch it via google videos.

15 Matt Jabs

Oh, sweet. I’ll check it out then & chalk it up as another “serious” video that my wife has to suffer through! The poor girl… I have so many of those movies now-a-days

16 Brian

Yeah. I would say read about it first so you know what you are getting into. The first movie (the one i recommended was the sequel) is very controversial and i can see angering a lot of folks.

But the money stuff is FASCINATING!

Apologies to the wife for the recommendation!

17 Len Penzo

Good piece, Matt!

I think the biggest threat to a one world currency is loss of national sovereignty. Once we give up control of our monetary system, we’ve basically lose domestic political control the United States of America.

Interestingly enough, much of the world already considers the US dollar to be a de facto world currency anyway. It’s current, tenuous, status as a reserve currency only adds to that line of thought.

My $0.02 (after taxes)

Len Penzo dot Com

18 Matt Jabs

I agree. This concept is an all out attack on our national sovereignty and seems to have at least partial backing from those in power here in our own country. The $ is currently the de facto world currency, but I am convinced it is on its way out…

19 MLR

To both Len and Matt —

How does removing the USD as a world reserve currency effect our national sovereignty? Just curious. We would still use the USD as we see fit. We may have to think twice about how we spend due to fear of devaluing our currency (afterall, other countries won’t be forced to buy dollars anymore)… but I don’t see how that takes away from the fact that we would still maintain economic control over our country.

20 MoneyEnergy

Exactly – and it’s not really about “removal” – it’s about reallocation. Just as it is important for you and I to have diversification within our investment portfolios, and not to put all our money in, say, Google stock, countries around the world have their own investment and reserve portfolios and it’s not good practice to be overweight the USD. This is just basic investment economics. China’s not dumb. Russia’s not dumb. They’re not “lower” on any global ladder of who-deserves-what; they’re people like everyone else and it makes sense to diversify. The US is bankrupt, after all. Would you want to keep lending money to someone who’s not going to pay it back?

There are other reasons for talking about a new world order, but it’s not nearly so one-sided as “Russia” attacking the US. In most cases the US has been the big contributor to any single “world order” (e.g., neoliberalism, assassinating foreign heads of state to comply with U.S.-driven economic policy and sanctions, etc.).

Just my two cents. I think the topic is a fascinating one, but we have to be careful not to mix up agency and causality in these goings-on.

21 Matt Jabs

Where does an actual one world currency – with no national currency remaining – leave diversification?

22 MLR

I think you are confused about what is being proposed. A new reserve currency would not get rid of national currencies.

Just as countries have the yuan/peso/euro right now… they aren’t forced to use the USD just because it is the reserve currency.

To quote what MoneyEnergy said below:
“You have to understand that the USD operates in two roles, and one of which creates unfair bias and conflict of interest. USD as a *world reserve currency* (to balance international payments and oil trade, etc., balances at IMF) is a very distinct role from the role of the USD as a domestic currency.”

23 Matt Jabs

But what if they were forced? What if there were a one world currency (not reserve) where people who wish to buy and sell in world markets must use a global currency or be unable to.

This may not seem feasible to a modern economist, but according to biblical prophesy… the concept is not only feasible, but expected.

24 MLR

Well, the tune of your article was saying that national currencies would be gone and there would be one world currency based on current propositions from world leaders.

Since we are now at the point of “what if this happened even though it isn’t being proposed,” then there isn’t much point going further. I will head to your knowledge of the bible in this regards, but I do know that as far as economics policy is concerned this is not something that is being considered.

25 Matt Jabs

Yeah, it is actually two separate topics (new world reserve currency vs. new global currency.) I probably did a poor job of differentiating that based on my limited knowledge of economic monetary policy.

It’s worth pointing out that In the article cited, Medvedev is actually reportedly holding up a coin representing what he called a ‘united future world currency’.

26 Jason @ Redeeming Riches

Great post. It’s sort of scary to think about because our lifestyles might be much different than they have been in the past, but I like how you said it doesn’t scare the spiritual man within you. Really none of this should be surprising to us if we read Scripture.

This is an exciting time to be alive for sure. Obviously we are closer than we ever have been to the end times, but all of this just makes it seem so much more imminent. That means we need to be ready for that day.

27 Matt Jabs

You are right… it is not surprising. I just hope that Christians and non-Christians the world over are waking up to the truths of the matter. It is scary indeed if you have no faith in the promised deliverance Christ alone has promised.

28 Credit Letter

I was reading recently about the typical cycle of a society and I think the attribution for the research comes from Jim Nelson Black. What answer would you get from the average man on the street about the state of the US? Ironicy, they would probably say, “I don’t know and don’t care” which fits stage 8 & 9.

29 Brad @enemyofdebt

Matt this is a very good blog! Thanks for posting it. I would argue that we have been in the stage of moral decay and are headed towards dependence, just my thoughts. Great job!

30 Paul @ FiscalGeek

I’m happy to know that I’m not alone thinking what has happened to the American people over the course of the last year when we are slowly eroding the very fabric of our nation. The government now owns Citibank, GM now lets by all means hand ourselves over. I have to say your eloquent history timeline really puts it in persective. All the more so today there’s only one place to put our hope.

31 Matt Jabs

@Brad & Paul – The only answer is faith in Christ… and in our everyday lives to just work on being the solution whenever & wherever we can! It is about making individual change within our immediate circles of influence.

32 MoMo

i believe the new World Order, happened when we discovered the Americas (the Us power, and influence in history, wars, economy, discoveries)

the worldwide currency was already the usDollar before the arrival of the Euro (wherever u traveled, and still u do today they would accept the dollars, from mongolia to taipei to Tonga to Bolivia)

nothing new
nothing crazy
nothing out of our minds

33 A


It will be interesting how the development in Greece lately will affect the Euro
“supremacy” as the single currency of Europe. Ha!
I will be taking a close look on Greece, Portugal, Italy….in the coming weeks…

34 Matt Jabs

Sounds good A, be sure to let us know if anything big happens!

35 Trace Mayer

Yes, we are in a mess because our monetary law is all screwed up. There is not even a definition for What Is A Dollar? But as Mark hit on we need to return to a commodity based currency as required under the Constitution. This is because it prevents confiscation through inflation which is a form of taxation without representation or due process of law. Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers who believed in unalienable human rights understood this principle.

36 Khaleef @ KNS Financial

I think this was a very timely article. This shows why we need to put our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and not in wealth or even in the wisdom of our world leaders. As CJ Perry stated, this should give us some comfort, since we know that Christ’s return won’t be too far off.

From an economic and spiritual standpoint, the idea of a world currency is a terrible one – but we know that it will come to pass. Of course since Satan is the ruler of this world system, all of our currencies and governments are under the control of a single, evil leader today.

37 MoneyEnergy

I can’t count how many times I’ve written about this. The proposals are not attacks, they’re defenses and the proposal is not about eliminating the USD. You have to understand that the USD operates in two roles, and one of which creates unfair bias and conflict of interest. USD as a *world reserve currency* (to balance international payments and oil trade, etc., balances at IMF) is a very distinct role from the role of the USD as a domestic currency.


I am against a one world currency. Bad idea. I am against anti American organizations like the UN dictating what the USA can and can’t do. Our country is heading the wrong way. The politicians are selling us out for money and have been for many years. Someday when America is no longer the superpower of the world, we can all look back and remember the freedoms that we “use” to have but gave them away because our leaders were stupid and greedy.

39 Four Pillars

I agree the idea of giving up your traditional currency is a scary thought but I’m not sure if it is all that scary in practice.

How many countries use the Euro? All of them had their own currency and switched so it can’t be that bad.

40 MoneyEnergy

I think the Medvedev statement is probably misconstrued that way – he was talking in the context of a currency for international settlements. There already is a system in place called SDRs (special drawing rights) at the IMF which just isn’t used as such, when it could be. It wouldn’t be a “Currency” in the sense of the average person being able to spend it, it would just be a denomination that certain transactions of sovereign, international trade would use. I realize how it sounds like it’s imagined as a new universal “currency” but that’s not what it was about in said context.

It would make for a more level economic playing field behind the scenes between countries worldwide – as it stands currently, the U.S. reaps an enormously unfair advantage since it is able to borrow *and* print money in the same currency. No other country on earth can enjoy such a privilege. It would be one thing if the USD was still backed by gold and couldn’t be inflated with no promise to pay back previous values – but alas, there is no longer any limit on the amount of money supply that can be created. This causes other countries to suffer who need to conduct certain transactions in dollars and can’t print their way out of such loans like the US can.

41 MoneyEnergy

Remember, a lot of the so-called “freedoms” the US has enjoyed have really come at the expenses of other peoples around the world. Some economists will argue that this was just the price to be paid for exporting the neoliberal model, ie., that it was the only way the other countries could “get a leg up” onto the world stage or something (as if no other models were available…). That’s how I understand it.

China and Japan just want to know they’ll be paid back. As it stands, no one really believes that the US will pay them back in today’s dollars. Hence the need for massive inflation (or, some future unimaginable massive increase in domestic taxes to pay for it.). Talk about a rock and a hard place. This will definitely have negative consequences, but the people with the power to act on it (Fed, Treasury, etc.) can’t say they didn’t see this coming.

42 Ryan @ Planting Dollars

Hey Matt,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that the first video you embedded has been removed by the user so it will no longer play.

43 Forest

I must say I don’t like Lou Dobbs very much and I don’t like CNN too much either…. and I certainly do not like Fox….

However I have to admit that I that I think a one world currency is a bad idea. Conspiracy theorists have been talking about the outcome of this for a long time and they may well be right…. Basically the same translation you took from the bible…. The conspiracists say that the one currency would be purposely collapsed so that the people in the towers could use the masses as slaves in some ways…. I am not sure it will be this dramatic but who knows.

I am a firm believer that currency needs to become less of our lives and we need to start adopting local trade systems…. Trading our services with neighbours with no monetary swapping (some systems like this involve points and you can earn and spend with anyone in the service….. all away from the tax system and the money system).

44 Kevin@OutOfYourRut

I’m with Kahleef on this, our faith needs to be in Jesus Christ alone. The older I get, the more that I see, the more this becomes beyond obvious. Just the fact that we’re here and surviving in a world with so many structural problems is testament to divine grace. If left purely to our own devices, we’d destroy ourselves.

As to one world currency/order…I think this is MUCH bigger than America vs. the world. We like to spin it this way because it plays well in patriotic circles. And no, I don’t think it’s part of some sort of mastermind conspiracy to rule the world.

Every government in the world is borrowing money to keep itself afloat. Too many expectations from too many people, too many promises to meet impossible needs, too much money chasing technology that’s become prohibitively expensive. We have serious problems with malinvestment and missallocation built on top of a weakening foundation of crumbling fortunes.

Governments are papering (literally) over all of this by borrowing and printing money in a desperate attempt to preserve the idea that all is well and we’re just in a cyclical downdraft that we need to spend our way out of.

Greece is probably the omen of things to come. Deep in debt, misrepresenting it’s national finances and sustaining a level of spending that isn’t justified by the size of it’s economy–how many other countries does that describe? ALL OF THEM!

My thinking is that we’ll get a new global currency in an act of desperation to clean all of this up. Most see this as a looming catastrophe, I think the catastrophe is already playing out and currency unification will be the latest band aid on the problem. I’m not as concerned about this as others because of my faith, but also because I doubt it’ll be permanent.

Let’em eat cake can only work for so long, no matter how it’s packaged. It’s only worked as long as it has because it fits neatly with human greed. Who wouldn’t want $1 in benefits for 70 cents in taxes? Most of the citizenry don’t want this fixed for precisely that reason! That’s the part of this unfolding drama we’re missing.

45 Mr Credit Card

Having a global currency backed by gold is a great thing. It means sovereign governments will have no power to print money, cause inflation and debase the currency. Their role will simply be to defend the country, ensure law and order and make sure that its citizens are educated enough to compete in a global market place.

Having a global currency is just like being california. Monetary policy is beyond their control. They cannot print money.They are now running massive deficits and have tons of debt. They are forced to deal with this.

Contrast this to good old USA federal government. We seem to print our way out of trouble and not tackle any of our fiscal issues. If we strip away sovereign powers to print money, this is the best thing that can happen.

46 BG

Mr Credit Card,

Going back onto a gold standard would destroy our economy overnight. Specifically because you lose the ‘fractional reserve banking system’. You think we had a credit-crisis before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

My personal feelings is that money should be backed by _time_ only. It can’t be created faster than you want (inflation-hyperinflation) at the whim of governments, it’s not based on a metal with an unknown future growth (mining operations), nor ever destroyed. The money supply needs to increase at a slow and methodical rate to avoid bubbles, and recessions / depressions, yet at the same time allow for growth of the human population. The money supply needs to grow as the population grows — to have neither monetary deflation, nor inflation of prices. The money would retain it’s exact value / worth forever.

Think of ‘money’ to be defined as 1-hour of some type of work/labor. If I’m skilled, perhaps I get paid 5 ‘money-units’ per hour (equivalent to 5x the pay of unskilled labor) — but it is always ‘backed’ by labor/work performed. If it is only you and me in the economy, then we don’t need to grow the money supply — we just keep trading work back and forth.

The reason that the money supply must grow, though, is that if I later have a son who also is able to perform work-for-pay, then the money supply needs to grow by the exact amount of the work he performs — if the money-supply doesn’t grow, then the existing money-supply must _deflate_ (or increase) in value. More work is being performed than there is currency to support it. Before you know it, the 1unit of currency is now worth 2 hours of unskilled labor — which is the monetary phenomenon that we want to avoid.

Our fiat-currency, if handled very carefully, would fit the bill. Unfortunately the tinkerers screw up and inflate the currency too far (too much money supply created too quickly for the amount of work being performed), which reduces the value of the money –> leading to bubbles, which will ‘correct’ itself and deflate the money supply through recessions/depressions (another monetary phenomena).

Sometimes you have dumb politicians who think they can just ‘print’ more money to fix the problem, which is the absolute wrong thing to do, and causes hyper-inflation and a public with (rightfully so) no trust in the government or the currency.

47 Kevin@OutOfYourRut

Mr. Credit Card – Many believe that a return to the gold standard will fix all of this, but it’s truly doubtful. The most basic problem is that the size of the global economy and of the public sector in particular are so great that no amount of gold that exists in the world will come close to sustaining it. The contraction that would force a return to the gold standard would probably be uglier than anything we can imagine.

Worse, the notion that money supplies and public spending must always grow isn’t consistent with the finite amount of gold in the world.

There’s no substitute for fiscal responsibility. A paper/electronic money system should work just fine with fiscal responsibility. No system, not even a gold based one, will work without it. We have to fix that before any system will work.

48 Steven and Debra

Kevin – The amount of above ground gold is somewhat finite while below ground gold, yet to be mined, is less so. The limiting factor that keeps gold below ground is simply the price.

There is plenty of gold available to support the global economy at the right price. The market determines the appropriate price level. Short term trends, deceit, manipulations, and events certainly create distortions in perceptions of appropriate pricing, but long term trends are not impacted to any significant degree.

If the price of gold went from the current level of $1100 to $4000-5000, there would be more and more exploration and mine development and an increase in supply. With the higher prices, demand may be reduced somewhat or those buying gold may shift their sights to “poor man’s gold” which is silver.

We saw this phenomenon play out in oil recently. It hit a high of $147 or so a barrel and the high prices at the pump reduced consumption. The point we are trying to make is there is nothing on God’s green earth that is scarce that isn’t easily remedied by the market pricing mechanism. The more government intervention we have in the pricing mechanism, the more distortions (volitility) we have in supply and demand. Scarcity is simply a lagging indicator of a future market adjustment that will bring abundance (supply) back in alignment with demand at some price point.

We are somewhat skeptical of any type of gold standard which is managed or controlled by governments because of their notoriety for perverting the standard at some point and decieving those who are counting on (placing faith in) governments to provide for “just weights and measures.” Historically, governments haven’t earned such trust.

Our preference is for what we refer to as a Personal Gold Standard (PGS) where we allocate a percentage of our portfolio to precious metals (just weights and measures) to off-set our holdings of dollars representing unjust weights and measures. We look at precious metals (just weights and measures) as being God’s money and fiat money (unjust weights and measures) as being man’s money. Where do you want to place your faith?

A PGS isn’t contingent upon trusting governments and is in alignment with your view of being fiscally responsible, even if more so on a personal level. And, does it really make any difference if our neighbor or the nation is fiscally responsible, or not, as long as we as individuals are? Additionally, we don’t feel any need whatsoever to fix a “system” that is inherently corrupt to its core, but rather choose to spend our energies in being the change we want to see in the rest of the world. Therefore, if there are any merits to a gold standard, having one for ourselves is the first step in achieving that goal without forcing our viewpoint on others. They, too, can choose where they want to place their faith.

49 Kevin@OutOfYourRut

S&D – I agree with all that you write. Yes, we could have a working gold standard at some price, but it’s the trouble we’d hit getting there that’s the concern.

I also agree on your point about “PGS”. The world has NEVER been paradise (post Garden of Eden) and we’re left to deal with it in the best way possible under the circumstances before us. In a way, this isn’t a macro problem as much as a micro one. It’s what we do in reaction to what’s happening that’s critical. In the meantime, the world will do what the world will do.

50 Joseph

Very interesting post.
I think we are #6 going# 7 a very sad position to be. What is worriesome is that many other countries in the world look upon the USA as a role model, they want to be innovative, industralised, and equally powerful. So this is not just a USA ranking it’s a global ranking.
Needless to say all these will still happen, and it should streghthen our faith in God rather than emitting fear.

51 Financial Samurai

It’s unfortunate for foreigners, b/c the USD is strengthening and only going to get stronger.


52 snoop

It’s very OBVIOUS Lou DOBBS doesn’t know much about the market OR what Obama was trying to say. He said ,”If you’re investing for the LONG TERM.” And for him to question Buffett, wow, this guy just has lost all semblance of credibility with me. So What the market lost 2000 pts…it was exPECTED ! I he traded the markets he would’ve KNOWN that. It’s Cyclical!


the system will turn all your money into e-credit so is your gold,then you carry a mark with you for rest of the life-mark of the beast..don’t your guy aware of that??

54 Joshua

Hello wanted to let you know about the new money system I am creating to overturn the money changers tables. The new money system calls for the Creation of a secure, ecologically sustainable, resource based, electronic, open source, transparent, interest free, money system / medium of exchange created by the people, for the people, available to every human on the Earth.

Unity Through Currency

May peace be with you,

55 Andor

Off course Josua, that makes sense! It has to come and it will!
Only those who can see it coming will be saved!
Germany? and perhaps 9 others will be the ultimate force>
Good Luck

56 aftab hussain

World currency should be reall Gold, not E-gold or any other currency. It will make stable every nation around plannet.

57 Winston

I’m glad that I will no longer be on this earth when all this happens. I have faith that I will be gone when this happens, because the bible says it will happen, along with many other crazy things.
Read your bible.

58 Matt Jabs

Yes WInston, the bible certainly does… since writing this article about a year and a half ago the Lord has given me peace that all these things must come to pass before He comes to destroy the evil and set up His reign. I do read my bible. God bless.

59 Michele

Winston is right; the Body of Christ, the Church, will no longer be on this earth when all this comes to pass. The peace which comes from the Lord is, first, knowing that we are a child of God through faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for our personal sins and that he was raised again for our justification. Secondly, if we want the God of peace to be with us, he tells us in Philippians 4:9~Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me (the Apostle Paul), do: and the God of peace SHALL be with you. You see, you will not find the catching up, a.k.a. the rapture, anywhere in the OT or the new covenant books of the Bible because it was a MYSTERY (secret) revealed unto Paul by the Lord Jesus.

Did you know that the Apostle Paul is our Apostle, THE Apostle to the Gentiles, and that God is no longer dealing with a favored nation, Israel, but is now, in His dispensation of grace, dealing with individuals, calling them to salvation through the preaching of the cross and building the one new man, the Body of Christ? This information was a MYSTERY, unknown to Israel or the Gentiles prior to Paul being given the revelation of it. Prior to Paul, a Gentile had to come through a Jew in order to find salvation, because Israel had a favored nation status with God.

Learning that the Lord wanted me to follow Paul as he followed Christ and to study to show myself approved unto God, rightly dividing his word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15), is what brought me great understanding, hence much peace, because religion had me tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine; so much confusion because they were teaching unsound doctrine that belonged to Israel’s earthly program (tithing, baptism, keeping Sabbath day, eating only certain meats, etc. etc.) instead of sound doctrine given by revelation by the risen Lord Jesus Christ to the first member of the BOC, the Apostle Paul (1 Tim. 1:16), and it was given for the purpose of edifying the BOC who is destined to reign in the heavenlies with the Lord.

So, satan has been quite busy trying to deceive since the initial formation of the Body of Christ: 2 Cor. 11:13-15~For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works(please read all of chap. 11 to get the context as Paul was defending his apostleship and magnifying his office). These ministers of righteousness teach us earthly kingdom doctrine out of OT and New Covenant books, which is not our doctrine. They teach us to follow Christ in the red letter books, but when Christ Jesus came to this earth, He came only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel (He himself says so as does Paul: see Matt. 15:24 & Rom. 15:8) to fulfill the law and bring in the new covenant with them that was prophesied about. Paul tells us in 2 Cor. 5:16~Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh (i.e., favored Jew): yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now HENCEFORTH know we him NO MORE (we do not follow Christ as he was in the flesh, because he was teaching earthly kingdom doctrine and the BOC is made for the heavenly places). Most of Israel refused their Messiah and hated Him, thus in the book of Acts we see the diminishing and fall of Israel so that the Lord could bring in His unprophesied (but hidden in Him) plan to bring salvation by grace alone to the Gentiles; now, a Jew is saved the same way as us Gentiles–they must believe the gospel that Christ died for their sins, was buried and rose again for their justification. God is now dealing with the world by His grace, not of works lest any man should boast.

Please consider Gal. 1:6-8~I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we (Paul & his crew) have preached unto you, let him be accursed (Paul then repeats the accursed part in vs. 9). We have to understand that we’ve been conditioned to believe that there is only one church in the Bible, one gospel (good news), and that we’re all going to heaven when we die, & that all of the Bible is written to us, the BOC (it is all written for our learning, but not all to us or about us), and all of this is satan’s ploy to make the BOC weak and powerless and to blind the minds of those that are lost.

From reading over your site, it appears that you like to do your research and not take someone’s word for something just because they tell you. So I would like to believe you’ll do the same here, because it is clear that I’m posting contrary information from what you’ve been given at your church or wherever you may study at. My purpose, however, is not to deceive or to take your money, but out love for the BOC, and for you and your family’s edification and peace, and, incidentally, will save you money, because, we, the BOC, are not called to tithe; the Lord never teaches us in Paul’s letters (Romans through Philemon) to tithe:o) By the way, I discovered in my studying one day that God gave us the ability to know which letters he inspired Paul to write for the BOC and it is found in 2 Thess. 3:17~The salutation of Paul with mine own hand, which is the token in every epistle: so I write. If you look in a KJ Bible, Paul’s salutation is in every letter from Rom. through Phil. When you get to Hebrews, it is not there, because that letter is written to the Hebrews:o) We are not Hebrews, but Gentiles:o) It is not in James – Rev. either, because those letters are doctrine for the believing remnant of Israel who will go through the prophesied time of Tribulation when the wrath of God is poured out. They will need those instructions in order to endure unto the end. Not to us, because we are not appointed unto wrath!

I apologize that this turned out so long, but it takes a bit to explain some things, and I hope you have been edified and challenged to look further into these spiritual matters, because it will matter at the judgement seat of Christ for every member of the Body of Christ (see 1 Cor. 3).

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you would like to discuss further. I don’t have all the answers or full understanding yet, but I will do my best to help answer any questions as I seek to be a helper of another’s joy and hope that you find peace and joy in the info. presented.

60 harford

great post…i being an afican american have not gotten caught up with this love for barack…my true love is the lord..and you are right ,people need to open their eyes and read the bible to show themselves approval…people now a days will believe anything told to them…but the bible declares all of this stuff to happen…it will happen and people need to depend on god and not this government..if you have any future posts i would gladly appreciate the info…… god bless you

61 jaymartin

Very nice article. I am definitely seeing great return on my silver purchases (started purchasing in 2008). With the knowledge/study of the Bible, it’s so clear that we are witnessing prophecies much more frequently. We will see increased wars, rumors of wars, especially in and around Israel (with increased anomocity toward Israel from every nation), inflation/food/water shortage (wheat and barley!), unification of a world system/cashless currency, as per the Bible until we realize the only salvation is Jesus Christ.
Seek and you will find.

62 Matt Jabs

Amen and amen brother. God bless!

63 We The People

Who in the Hell wants to be ruled by a communist Country. Or a Socialist Country. These Morons have been working against our free nation for hundreds of years. F Them and all who are with them. If the US falls the whole world does. They want to kill off 4-5 Billion people. For there perfect Society for teh NWO. F the NWO and all who want that. God will Pre-Vail. That much Power calls for the end of Days and My whole family believes in God and Prays everyday. He will come. May God Help us in the next election, WAKE UP AMERICA. If you do not like America GET OUT Move to China or out of here.

64 We The People

No one, No One is perfect. We as humans are not and never will be perfect, someone and many more will always have alments or sickness, wake up. George Soros you are a CONTROL FREAK, OBAMA YOU ARE A LYING MORON. TREASON TREASON TREASON TREASON TREASON

65 aaron fleszar

New World Order Exposed

What is the new world order? From what I can tell it’s when the richest people in the world take over the government of the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America. It appears their goal is to implement socialism, monopolize their industries, and collapse the dollar in an effort to create a one world currency. It sounds like science fiction, but from what I discovered, they came close to achieving it with the election of Obama.

Here are some straight facts. You should really follow up on this and draw your own conclusions.

There is an enormous organization online behind an endless number of work-at-home opportunities, affiliate marketing, and get-rich-quick schemes. This group is positioned to cash in with a tanking economy. Let me tell you about just a few of them and the code they created.

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero is posing online as a copywriter. On her sites “Red Hot Copy” a play on words, there are several look a likes of people involved with the current administration, CEO’s, and some media moguls.
Here’s a few;
Cathy Goodwin a look a like for Du Pont CEO Ellen Kuffman
Denise Wakeman a look a like for Anne Duncan the Secretary of Education
John Childers a look a like for SEIU Andy Stern
Mari Smith a possible look a like for Carly Fiorina who ran in Caly fornia for Senate
Terry Dean a look like Michael Dell
Tom Beal a look a like for Time Warner CEO Jeffery L Bewkes
Jay Conrad Levinson a look a like for George Soros

These are just a few people that Lorrie Morgan Ferrero has on her sites. She can also be seen with relatives of 72 Virgin records Richard Branson’s family and The Whitehouse party crashers the Salahi’s. A search on Salahi reveals a picture of her in a Washington “Red”skins jersey posing next to a much younger Jill Biden. Jill, or a look a like, also appears on the cover of a product called The Super Affiliate Handbook.

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero claims her husband is John Ferrero. John appears to be FBI Wanted Terrorist Ramadan Shallah. Lorrie is also seen with Stephen Pierce who I believe is supposed to represent radical Van Jones. Also appearing with Lorrie is a guy who interviews other online marketers, Armand Morin. Armand appears to be FBI Wanted Terrorist Noordin M Top. He’s wanted for the financing of Al-Qaeda and since cracking this code has been removed from the FBI’s site.

There’s a site online called the Rich Jerk. First he was a cartoon character, and later in the videos released on Youtube, the Rich Jerk appears to be Billionaire Mark Cuba(n) of the Dallas Mavericks. Another person on Youtube claiming to be Robert Johnson Rich Jerk is in fact Tony Rezko, the guy who sold Obama some property in Chicago. The first testimonial on the Rich Jerk website is from Mark Joyner. Joyner claims to be the godfather of internet marketing. Joyner also appears to be FBI Wanted Terrorist Saif or Seif al-Adel. After collecting email addresses for years at the Rich Jerk site, his first email he sent out was about Stompernet. Stompernet was selling an $800 a month program teaching you how to optimize in search engines for anything.

These online marketers operating in code are masters at deception and search engine optimization. Like they do for their products, it appears they controlled the conversation, the feedback, the headlines, and the finance of the last presidential election with the most optimized site in Google search, Youtube.

Several of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists posing as internet marketers, are wanted for US embassy bombings in Kenya and Indonesia. These are 2 places that Obama also has ties to as well.

In my strongest opinion, Osama Bin Laden isn’t only a name, it’s a code, a riddle. I believe that Osama represents Obama and Biden (Bi)n la(den.)

I’ve written a great deal online regarding this subject. You can research my name to learn more. It’s very important though that you draw your own conclusions and that you share this information by email with everyone possible. You also have my permission to copy and paste anything you find online that I’ve written. Our democracy is seriously at stake.

Thank you,
Aaron Fleszar

66 nick b

lets get away from the controversial and unproven spiritual solutions and lets look at facts. its my opinion, and i might be wrong, but wouldnt one world currency make trade between countries easier. the founding fathers of the constitution didnt like the fact that the states had so much power because they functioned as mini countries under the articles of confederation. with one federal government with one us currency, the economy between the states has improved. wouldnt this same effect occur if we had a world currency. I also understand the possibility of corruption of a central bank who controls the currency, but wouldnt that be solved by having every country’s central bank have power over the amount of money in the global economy. If one country didnt like the acts of another country printing too much money, the first country could then reduce the currency in its country by taking money held out of circulation, by raising the interest rate?i think a path of global cooperation is a step in the right direction as far as making the world a more peaceful places as long as corruption is fought.

67 Andreas Abler

Rev 2:26 “To all who are victorious, who obey me to the very end, I will give authority over all the nations.
Rev 2:27 They will rule the nations with an iron rod and smash them like clay pots.
Rev 2:28 They will have the same authority I received from my Father, and I will also give them the morning star!
Rev 2:29 Anyone who is willing to hear should listen to the Spirit and understand what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

68 david

First off their are so many things wrong with this. Good, im glad your a religous guy. But the fact of the matter is humans created a religion, sure their might be a god, but all religion is a scam for free, tax exempt money. One world currency is an easy prediction for anyone to make, just as each state had its own currency and we switched to a national currency. Money is corrupt, so is power. combine the two and you are asking for trouble. Just like the national currency was brought along, one world currency will to. PRAYING TO GOD, and applying yourself to a religious institution will not save you. You can pray to god to give you a job or money, but you yourself have to go out apply, and assert yourself. God isnt going to fill out your application. You need to be smart, pay attention to the news, if we are indeed going to a one world currency purchase items with you money that will soon be no good. By things you can barter with, clothes, jackets, things people will want that you can trade with, another thing you can do is invest in metals, gold and silver. What gose up must come down, it is not the rule of god. You cant be the best forever, and the US will fall as a world power, like the romans, the greeks, and so on. Like i

69 Jeanett Delhierro

Is there a issue with the Style sheet here? I can’t make out anything here without highlighting it with the mouse, due to the fact it’s all yellow. I’m using Chrome if it helps.

70 Odyssey

Hello just stumbled upon your site. I need to set things straight. The bible never mentions a “one world currency” but it clearly states that all money and transactions will be controlled. Meaning that people who are authorized to buy and sell will have access and those who don’t will not. Simply stated this estates to an e-wallet or debit card system direct from your own personal account. Actually we have a one currency system that is controlled by the processing company regardless of your own currency and adjustments are made as each transaction is processed. With all that said, this means that all this exists today. Now there are programs that exclude users who do not use am Amex card for a special discount or event. This exists today. They only need to add some bio data about your religous beliefs and presto John Q Public is a born again Christian and your access is removed from buying and selling. In China you can not be a communist party member and be a open Christian. The prophesy is almost fulfilled. Can you see where this is all going?

71 BOB

They will fool every one and make it a criminal offense to use gold or silver as money. Also, what if they skip paper money and go straight to the implanted chip.

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