Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance – Save Money Edition – 7/26/2009

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Pressure Canner

This weeks photo was inspired by receiving my new All-American Pressure Cooker/Canner in the mail recently.  I purchased it from Amazon.com and have been REALLY happy with it so far.

In my Weekly Wisdom posts I look to accomplish the following:

  1. Weekly round up of 5 or more articles that caught my attention & provide wisdom for my readers
  2. A list of places that have linked to my articles around the web
  3. Listing Personal Finance Carnivals for all to enjoy

Today is the Saving Money edition of “Weekly Wisdom in Personal Finance”.  There are many different ways to save money, so let’s check out a few wise & timely posts that caught my eye this week!  The All-American pressure canner pictured above was made in America, is super heavy duty, & was REALLY affordable at just under $200.  In an effort to save money, Mrs. Jabs & I plan to use this canner to preserve food for the upcoming winter.  We also intend to FREEZE a lot of our bounty.  This weeks “wisdom” will touch on preserving food, along with several other great ways to save us money.  I hope you enjoy…

Aside from the articles I also wanted to suggest a few quick money saving tips:

  • Open a high yield savings account with FNBO Direct, Everbank, WTDirect Savings Account, HSBC Direct, or Capital One 360.
  • If you have high interest debt & have already funded your Emergency Fund with $1,000 – continue to save 25% of your available money while focusing the other 75% on your debt.  This will allow you to realize some of your hard earned dollars, rather than saving 0% for the length of your debt repayment.

This Weeks Articles of Personal Finance Wisdom…

  1. Preserving the Harvestby Jeff of Consumerism Commentary & StretchyDollar.com
    Jeff reminds us that it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to handle the extra harvest from your garden. Taking a little time to prepare can help ensure that your hard work and tasty vegetables don’t go to waste.  Look here for 7 great ways to store some of summer’s bounty.
  2. Picnics Are The New “Eating Out”by Jessica W of DebtKid
    The “pink bucket” has been a budget lifesaver this year, and our picnics have been so much fun that the kids haven’t been missing the meals out. I do think it might be getting to them though. Last night they were sitting on the sofa playing pretend and pretending to be driving the sofa to Burger King for some French fries. We’ll go on New Year’s Day if we’re debt free.
  3. Frugality gone bad: a DIY disasterby Julia of Bargain Babe
    Always remember that sometimes it is better to buy something than to do it yourself!  Always calculate the opportunity cost of doing a job yourself versus playing the role of consumer.  When benefits of paying for something far outweigh the benefits and/or time constraints of DIY, then you are ultimately saving time which = saving money.
  4. 5 Reasons To Line Dry Your Laundryby Simple Mom
    I‘m not a Luddite — I love technology… but there’s something rather soothing about line-dried clothes, I find. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but during these warm summer months, I enjoy hanging our laundry out to dry daily, watching it flap in the breeze and shine whitely in the sun’s reflection.

Matt Jabs & DFA around the web…

Here are some posts I authored on other websites.

Personal Finance Carnivals I was included in…

Thanks to the Personal Finance (PF) community for all of their encouragement, links, advice, & help along the way!

Enjoy your weekend…and spend wisely!

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1 AJ

This is great. I need saving money tips.

2 cara

Is this your first canner? Or just a new one? I must say I’m jealous. I thought about getting an All American canner for a while but finally opted for a cheaper one (which was free with my Amazon.com reward points, of course). I haven’t used it yet, but I’d love to see a post about what types of things you can. What’s worth canning, what’s not…that kind of thing.

3 Matt Jabs

Yes. This is my first canner.

I was going to buy a cheaper canner for $88, but after reading the review I saw about 10 people who had it explode! In lieu of that information I decided to go with the MUCH higher quality All American canner for $200. I am frugal, but I am also very much interested in buy quality items once, as opposed to cheaper items that don’t work or wear out fast.

This year I will start by canning a lot of tomatoes & homemade salsa. I may also get into canning meat, potatoes, and other low-acid foods that require a pressure canner. My wife & I are interested in eating all local/organic foods, so we plan to buy a lot this season at the farmer markets and preserve a majority of it for use during the long Michigan winters.

I will try to post an article about each thing I can.

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